Soccer Outsider: Usa-jamaica Match Diary, Player Ratings

Lets remember that these players are playing basically for free tonight. Lets just hope that the air traffic controllers who are working for free during the government shutdown are doing a better job. 32 – Maybe that laid-back Jamaican attitude is rubbing off on the US players. Or maybe they listened to Bob Marley and partook in some mood-enhancement medicine (were only one state over from Colorado!) before the match. Because our guys are moving pretty slowly. 37 – A terrible call gives Jamaica a dangerous free kick. The USA players are going to want to defend this well, because if Jamaica score then well have to start trying. 45 – Evans is down possibly from boredom? Half time: 0-0. Well, we wanted this match to be meaningless, and it is. This is still better than needing a result; Im sure Mexico would rather have a leisurely run-out than their nail-biting, sphincter-clenching match with Panama. 46 – Zusi comes in for Donovan. Donovan was underwhelming in the first half, but so was everyone else. I think Klinsmann pulled Donovan to show everyone that they have to perform.

Detroit to host 2015 USA Volleyball Open National Championships at revamped Cobo Center

The Detroit Sports Commission announced Monday that the Motor City will hold the 2015 USA Volleyball Open National Championships. USA Volleyball made the decision last week at its Regional Volleyball Association meetings being held in Denver, according to a press release. The 2015 Open, which will be the 86th edition of the annual event, will be held May 22-27 at the Cobo Center in Detroit. The Open is expected to bring an estimated 550-plus teams and 6,000-plus players to the city. Next year’s event will be held May 23-28 in Phoenix. “The Detroit Sports Commission is pleased to hear USA Volleyball has chosen Detroit for one of its four national championships,” DSC Executive Director Dave Beachnau said in a press release. “We look forward to welcoming all of the participants and highlighting to them the great assets that this great American sports town has to offer.” The event is considered one of the largest national championships in any sport in the United States. Detroit is in the heart of a very strong adult volleyball population and a city on the rebound, USA Volleyball Senior Director Tom Pingel said in a statement. USA Volleyball will be proud to be a part of this resurgence and look forward to the 2015 USA Volleyball Open National Championships being one of the best and biggest weve had. Detroit has previously hosted the Open in 1938 and 1967. For more information about the USA Volleyball Open National Championships, visit