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For 53 of the 61 participants, their perceived exertion was lower during the jymmin session than the passive-listening session, the study found. Thats interesting, Fritz says, because when jymmin you cant be distracted from your proprioception the awareness of your bodys position in space and the force its exerting. On the contrary, you must focus on your muscles. Youre playing a melody and then remembering, OK, if Im at this position, then I can make this tone, he says. Your proprioception is your guide to playing the music. Other experts are impressed by the technological innovation behind the jymmin set-up, but have some questions about the studys design. One concern is that Fritz reported perceived exertion not as raw scores, but as ratios of how a participant felt about jymmin versus passive listening. The raw scores are important because previous research has shown that during very intense workouts, the distraction effect disappears: The strain on your body is so great that your brain ignores the music. These ratios are just frustrating, Lane says. They take away the ability to interpret the results. And if the data are true, its unclear why the jymmin set-up would lead to lower scores of perceived exertion. Fritz says there are many possibilities. It could be what he terms musical agency, or the sense that youre composing or tweaking the music. That might explain why runners tend to match their steps to musical beats, he says.It might be that they have some type of illusion of musical agency. Others are drawn to a social explanation instead.

Recent student genres include: folk, pop, r&b, hip hop and jazz. Company executives and brother/sister team Chris and Jinny Hayman are particular in choosing instructors for each course, making sure to hire people that are associated with “current” hitmakers. October 2013, Creative Artists Elite has been nominated for the “Los Angeles Social Excellence” Award and is receiving applause from several metro Hollywood area parents looking for an intimate yet enriching music course for their teens. About CAE: Creative Artists Elite (CAE) offers an intensive, small-group collaborative sessions and workshops taught in a professional real-world environment for emerging singers, songwriters, rappers, musicians, producers, and engineers aged 14-24. CAE gives students the opportunity to work hands-on with successful professionals to develop songwriting, production, recording, performance, and business and marketing techniques. The take-away for artists is a life-changing experience and a product (i.e. recording) that they can use to develop their career. The courses have a strict enrolment policy in terms of talent, maturity and drive, so that the quality of the courses and the reputation of the company will always remain extremely high. CAE would like to be known as a one-of-a-kind, high-quality, and personalized company that provides a great deal of value to our customers and empowers artists to achieve true independent success. About Chris Hayman, Founder/CEO: Chris Hayman is that creative soul that can’t be found in a traditional classroom setting. As the Founder and CEO of Creative Artists Elite, Chris’ musical background and education has kept him afloat for many years. This England born composer began his journey into music as a student at London’s well known music school Academy of Contemporary Music. Over the past 8 years, Chris has been a sought out producer/composer with credits ranging from HBO hit show True Blood to high end video game credits. In 2009, Chris developed a music program for The Australian Institute for Performing Arts, and his hands on tactics caused the program to be a success. After working with AIPA for several years, Chris realized that his intimate approach to songwriting and the process of becoming a successful independent artist was needed abroad.

Taylor Swift opens $4 million music education center in Nashville

For vast amount of music fans, Rdio has the best design and functionality, making it CNNMoney’s Best In Tech for the streaming music category. If you’ve never used a streaming music subscription service like Rdio or Spotify , understand that it’s not Pandora ( P ). You don’t pick a song or artist and then let the service build a randomly-generated playlist for you. Instead, for $10 a month, you have unfettered access to an online jukebox with tens of millions of songs. What really separates Rdio from the competition is its social backbone. You can follow friends, strangers, musicians, businesses, etc. and get a sense of what they’re listening to. Rdio will also recommend songs and artists for you to check out based on your friends’ interests. That may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re not quite sure what to listen to, this feature is one of the best in helping you figure it out. Another standout Rdio feature is the ability to build an online library full of “your” tracks. With rival services, having your favorite music in front of you means scrolling through hundreds of playlists in the sidebar of the app. It’s less than ideal.

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THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Comment Mark Humphrey/AP Taylor Swift speaks at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on Saturday. The singer opened the $4 million center in Nashville. It might as well be Taylor Swift weekend in Music City. The pop star opened her $4 million Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on Saturday morning, and will accept her record sixth songwriter-artist of the year award from Nashville Songwriters Association International on Sunday. RELATED: TAYLOR SWIFT SETS SONGWRITING RECORD Mark Humphrey/AP Swift posed with fans at the center. The facility will have classrooms, instrument rooms, and education opportunities for kids. Swift cut the ribbon on the new education center she donated to the museum as part of its expansion campaign and showed reporters and area high school students the new classroom and exhibit space before the museum opened. “I’m really excited about this music education center and the fact that right now they have three different classes going on today,” Swift said in an interview after the ceremony. “It’s really exciting that we can be here on a day when they’re not only unveiling it, but they’re starting to actively use it today.” RELATED: TAYLOR SWIFT MAKES 7-YEAR-OLD GRACE MARKELS DREAM COME TRUE AFTER YOUNG FAN WAS HIT BY SPEEDING MOTORIST Mark Humphrey/AP Swift cut the ribbon on the new education center she donated to the museum as part of its expansion campaign. The center will have classroom space, a hands-on instrument room and ongoing education opportunities. Museum officials say the new center will increase educational opportunities sevenfold going forward. And who knows? Maybe users will find the 23-year-old Swift hanging around some day. RELATED: READY FOR HER CLOSEUP! TAYLOR SWIFT CAST IN ‘THE GIVER’ “We’ve been talking about different programs I can be involved in,” Swift said. “I hate to call it a lecture because that sounds like I’m yelling at people, but we could do a Q&A talking to students here and a songwriters discussion would be really fun to have at some point.”