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“To me, as a fan, that level of character change is really the measure of how important a story is.” Over the weekend Marvel rolled out several new titles as part of its 2014 “All-New Marvel NOW” campaign, including Avengers World, with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the company’s A-list good guys; Avengers Undercover, starring young heroes getting in deep with the Masters of Evil; All-New Ghost Rider, starring an updated version of the bike-riding, flame-headed antihero; Silver Surfer, featuring the return of the coolest galactic herald in space; and Iron Patriot, which features James Rhodes in the red, white and blue armor fighting domestic terrorism. While fans saw him played by Don Cheadle in the past two Iron Man films and teaming with Tony Stark, “Rhodey” goes solo with the new book. And writer Ales Kot (Zero, Wild Children) is looking forward to writing an African-American character in a position of power but also his family dynamic. “You will understand James Rhodes much better than ever before. And then something very, very unexpected happens. Things break from the inside and the outside at the same time,” Kot says. “His ethical standards and his drive to do good regardless of the circumstances is something I adore.” In addition to working with artist Garry Brown (The Massive), a major appeal for Kot with Iron Patriot is “the ability to create a story about America and its legacy positive, negative, everything in between,” Kot says. “I am interested in exploring the empire as some of its decisions come back to haunt it (and) the ideas of freedom and liberty.” James Rhodes gets a solo book and sweet red, white and blue armor with Ales Kot’s “Iron Patriot.” (Photo: Marvel Comics) Among other highlights from the convention: DC Comics is bringing back fan-favorite heroine Stephanie Brown in next year’s weekly series Batman: Eternal. A former Robin and Batgirl, the character hasn’t been seen since the publisher relaunched its entire superhero line in the fall of 2011 with “The New 52” campaign. Aspen Comics is debuting two female-centric series for 2014. Lola follows a girl searching for her parents in a post-apocalyptic landscape, and Damsels in Excess centers around a princess who’s targeted by her peers in four nearby kingdoms. Valiant Comics pays homage to its 1990s incarnation in two ways: It will bring back the original “world’s worst superteam” with Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody with original creators Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright plus its Eternal Warriorseries will have a “4001 A.D.” timeline that combines futuristic times with lots of action. “The Six Million Dollar Man” never received a sixth season on TV in the 1970s, but it gets one in comics next year. (Photo: Dynamite Entertainment) Dynamite Entertainment’s The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six comic picks up where the ABC show left off after five seasons in the 1970s.

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Yaya Han dressed as Madam Hydra.

our editor recommends New York Film Fest: Doc Contenders ‘Tim’s Vermeer,’ ‘The Square’ Screen Back-to-Back The film, which will be released by Warner Bros. on Dec. 18, stars Joaquin Phoenix as a man who rebounds from a divorce (from Rooney Mara) by dating his advanced operating system (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). It was introduced by Jonze — who brought out Phoenix and costars Amy Adams, Mara and Olivia Wilde, but, appropriately enough, not Johansson (who is in production on another film in London). And when it ended, it was greeted with a lengthy ovation that audibly increased when the spotlight was shone on the talent in a box above the rest of the audience. As the spotlight faded out, Jonze (a best director Oscar nominee 14 years ago for Being John Malkovich) could be seen hugging Phoenix (a best actor Oscar nominee last year for The Master); both men clearly invested a lot of heart and soul into the project. FILM REVEW: Her At the film’s after-party, which was held at the trendy bar at the Top of the Standard Hotel, guests — including Paul Dano and Edward Norton, as well as Wilde’s fiance, SNL alum Jason Sudeikis — chatted about the thought-provoking concept at the center of the film. In the theater, there had been snickers at some aspects of the story, which asks audiences to believe that an operating system might one day be developed that can not only converse with its user but also love and be loved by him (sort of the 2.0 version of 2001: A Space Odyssey’s HAL). But there was also a sense that perhaps such a way of life is not that far into the future, since one can’t walk down a New York City block today without feeling like everyone else’s head is buried in their phones. Already, we live in a world in which we are more technologically connected with each other than ever before, but also less comfortable having real-world interactions with one another than we have been in a long time. Perhaps the logical next step is for some to take their relationships with their smartphones to the next level? In terms of awards, I imagine that this film will meet a fate somewhat similar to that of another recent out-there love story that depended upon a strange screenplay and brave and sensitive lead performance: Craig Gillespie’s Lars and the Real Girl (2007), in which a man falls in love with a blow-up doll that he bought online. That film was more appreciated by critics than it ever was by the public or awards voters, but, at the end of the day, it did snag a best original screenplay Oscar nom for Nancy Oliverand BFCA, Golden Globe and SAG Award noms for best actor Ryan Gosling — although recognition for this one may be slightly harder to come by since many Academy members are older and somewhat technologically-challenged, which will make the premise seem even weirder to them, and because this year’s best actor field is as competitive as it has ever been.

Joaquin Phoenix

Airbnb host creates petition to confront New York lawmakers The battle between Airbnb and New York state becomes more entrenched as thousands of members sign a petition asking lawmakers to fix a “poorly written law” and allow them to operate freely. (Credit: Screenshot by Donna Tam/CNET) Airbnb just got a few thousand more supporters in its ongoing dispute with New York state. The rent-out-your-home service has thrown its weight behind a petition authored by a New York City host named Mishelle. In the petition, she asks the state’s senate to fix what she calls a “poorly written law,” which could curb Airbnb’s reach in the region. “The reason this is happening is because of a poorly written law originally designed to stop slumlords from running illegal hotels with dozens of rental apartments,” Mishelle writes. “As a New Yorker just trying to pay my bills, I don’t understand why they think I’m a slumlord.” “I figure that if we get 20,000 people to sign the petition, we’ll get the state Senate’s attention,” she continues. “If we hit that goal by October 20th, I pledge to deliver the signatures to every senator myself.” As of this writing the petition has more than 18,500 signatures, the majority of which were gathered within the last 24 hours. Airbnb also got behind the petition on Monday by sending out an e-mail to its thousands of New York members. One member forwarded the e-mail to CNET. “The New York attorney general has subpoenaed the records of almost all of our New York hosts,” Airbnb’s global head of community Douglas Atkin wrote in the e-mail. “We are fighting the subpoena with all we’ve got, but poorly written laws make for even worse enforcement, and unless you help to stop it once and for all, the laws may never get better and New Yorkers will continue to suffer.” The debacle between New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Airbnb has been ongoing over the past year, but it got heated when Schneiderman filed a subpoena earlier this month. The subpoena requests three years’ worth of data on thousands of Airbnb New York hosts. Airbnb has said that it has 225,000 community members in New York. The Attorney General’s Office is specifically looking for data on 15,000 hosts — it’s unclear if this includes almost all of Airbnb’s New York hosts. While Airbnb has said that it will cooperate with New York’s lawmakers to root out illegal hotel operators and slumlords, it also filed a motion last week stating the subpoena was “unreasonably broad” and it won’t turn over sweeping amounts of information on hosts who have done no wrong.

Airbnb host creates petition to confront New York lawmakers

During the day I found my way looking around for things, like grabbing Luffy posters, to getting Bleach pins, and of course demoing more games. My list games on Friday included Dragonball Z: Battle of Z, Shantae and the Pirates Curse, Strider (2014), Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze, and of course more Super Mario 3D World. There are so many things I wanted to buy but alas I am just a poor person and also a frugal human being so I couldn’t really bring myself to buy anything…BUT THESE AWESOME DRAGONBALL Z OFFICIAL SCOUTERS! I got three, as per the set instead of individual buys, so I got the green, red, and blue visor ones! They are amazing, honestly, I can’t describe how cool and awesome they look and feel. Other than that I chilled a bit in the Press Lounge Friday, trying to connect to WiFi which was impossible. I also went to the Adult Swim-Robot Chicken panel, where I saw a preview for the Christmas Special and new season. As well as Seth Green and Mike announcing a new show called Uber Mansion; which looks very funny. Friday, I was a bit tired to be honest, so once the show floor ended, we tried to get into a Cosplay contest to see people’s costumes but it was already packed by days end. There Marc and I went to the Neon Genesis Evangelion showing the NGE 3.3 movie, but we left after there was a delay and the fact we haven’t watched any NGE ever. So, that night we took the long way home going to the Nintendo World Store Pokemon X/Y Midnight Event Party. Wow was that place packed…honestly blocks were filled, the cops were even working it! There was a DJ, demo booth stations, statues of the legendaries/covers, and of course costumes. It was in all honestly, just a mass of people, even little kids and their parents waiting for the release or just trying to be a part of the party.

Iron Patriot cover

I wanted to find people who were willing to contribute and all of my friends graciously accepted, said Glover. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News Stacey Weiland dressed as Mad Moxie from the video game Borderlands. Even Game of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn was impressed, and took time to sit on the throne between signing autographs. This event was surreal as it was, but sitting on a load of fans isnt what I expected to happen, the British actor told the News, but New York is full of surprises. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 25-year-old Jennifer Hashimoto dressed as Cat Women. RELATED: NEW YORK COMIC CON 2013: ZACH GALIFIANAKIS, KEN JEONG, BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT JOIN BOBS BURGERS SEASON FOUR At the ripe old age of 3, aspiring Wonder Woman Tesla Muchado is already a three-year veteran of New York Comic Con and was excited to pose for a photo with an adult, Helene Waldermarson, 26, dressed as her favorite superhero. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News “Joker” 30 y/o Carlos Maya feeds his “Batman” son 6-month-old Isaac Maya. Im Wonder Woman, said Tesla. I like all Wonder Womans! Richard Benitez, 21, South Ozone Park, decided he wanted to dress up as Aquaman five months ago in a golden chain-mail shirt that took him 50 hours to sew by hand. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 25-year-old Nicole Marino and 18-year-old Canielle Marion attend as Purple and Red Raven of the Teen Titans. Ive lost 50 pounds specifically so I could look like Aquaman, he says. I was very, very committed. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 24-year-old Adam Ash as Deadpool and 23-year-old Kristin Sivla as a nurse from Silent Hill. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 21-year-old Elisa Lovelie attends as “Lady Mechanika”. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 19-year-old Michaela Conti dresses as a character from anime show “Panty & Stocking”. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 24 y/o Amy Siriamonthep dressed as Harley Quinn.