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Using The Lure Of Movies To Crack New Markets In Rural Asia

Busan International Film Festival organizers said Saturday that the festival’s biggest prizes went to “Pascha” by South Korean director Ahn Seonkyoung and “Remote Control” by Mongolia’s Sakhya Byamba. It’s the first time a Mongolian movie entered and won the competition in the festival’s 18 years. The awards, given to first- or second-time Asian directors, show the festival’s efforts to discover and support the region’s new talents. The organizers said “Pascha,” an unusual love story between a 40-year-old woman and a 19-year-old man, won the jury’s heart with its highly original expression. They said “Remote Control” neatly portrayed tensions between reality and fiction. The jury, led by Iranian director Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, picked “Transit,” Hannah Espia’s drama about Filipino migrant workers in Israel, as a special mention. The 10-day festival that ended Saturday drew more than 200,000 visitors for the second straight year, even as a rare October typhoon forced the organizers to reschedule some events and close outdoor booths by corporate sponsors four days before the festival drew to a close. The fair closed Saturday evening with “The Dinner,” South Korean director Kim Dong-hyun’s independent feature. The festival, which opened Oct. 3 with “Vara: A Blessing,” a Bhutanese drama about classical South Indian dance, screened about 300 movies from all corners of the world. Join the Discussion You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Please click here to upgrade your browser in order to comment.

The case of the missing Apple TV movies

This is your video camera to capture your moments. Then you can go share them.” Image: IDEO Spark is IDEO’s new video recording app for the iPhone. It’s lightweight with a few key, powerful features. Image: IDEO One is the tap-to-record interaction, pioneered by Vine, that makes it exceedingly simple to string together multi-part sequences. Image: IDEO The app also lets you add filters and add a soundtrack to your clip. Image: IDEO But two other, less obvious things distinguish it from video-making brethren like Instagram and Vine: you don’t haveto share what you create, and you can revisit and rework projects later. Image: IDEO “I think we can complement other video sharing services,” says Dominique Yahyav, the IDEO designer who led the project. Image: IDEO “I think that what I really see this app as is your video camera. This is your video camera to capture your moments. Then you can go share them.” Image: IDEO The best thing about Vine, without a doubt, is its tap-to-shoot interface. With that one ingenious interaction, the app brought the power of the cut to the smartphone-wielding masses, transforming interminable home movies into surprisingly rich little films. The worst thing about Vine is having to put stuff on Vine.

Itand other movies Ive rippedare gone! What happened to them? With the latest iTunes and Apple TV, Apple categorizes such movies (any variety of video that wasnt obtained from the iTunes Store) as home videos. When you select Computers on your Apple TV you will see an entry for Home Videos as the fourth item in the media list. If you select that item and then click the remotes Select button, all your ripped movies should appear. If, like me, you find it a bit silly to separate your Apple-purchased movies from those youve ripped (and yes, you should do this only with discs that you own), you can correct this behavior. To do so, youll need to change the media type for these movies from Home Video to Movies. There are a couple of ways to do this in iTunes. The first is to select Movies in iTunes, click the Home Videos heading in the main window, select everything in that window, press Command-I, click the Options tab, choose Movie from the Media Kind pop-up menu, and click OK. Changing the media type of multiple “home videos.” I find this method a little clumsy because there may be smaller moviesmovies of the family that youve created with iMovie, for examplethat really are home videos. Use the method I just described and that stuff gets mixed in with your Hollywood hits. What I would suggest instead is that you choose File > New > Smart Playlist and in the window that appears configure the one and only condition to read Media Kind Is Home Video and click OK. Youll be presented with a list of all the videos in your iTunes Library tagged as home videos. Now click the Time column heading twice so that the movies with the greatest length appear at the top.

SKorean, Mongolian Movies Win Awards at Busan Fest

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Newton Circus, a Singapore-based social enterprise hub, does it using movies, mobile phones, and a bit of moxie. By: David Zax But how will it play in rural Asia? This probably isnt a phrase Hollywood studio executives are throwing about often. Yet its something the folks at Newton Circus , the Singapore-based social enterprise hub, are increasingly asking themselves. Newton Circus is developing a new venture called Mobile Movies , which arranges screenings in towns and villages off the beaten track in Myanmar and Indonesia. By bringing rural populations together and holding their attention, Newton Circus is able to gather data and pitch new products and practices on behalf of NGOs and companies. Mobile Movies is still in the earliest stages–Newton Circus has only run a handful of prototype trips to rural villages, but has rapidly found them to be successful. Ultimately, heres how Mobile Movies will work in a typical rural community: Newton Circus will lend one member of the community a movie-screening kit, which includes a Windows 8 smartphone and a mini-projector with speakers. Newton Circus will pay this local field agent roughly $7.75 per day, on average tripling that persons wages. The field agent visits a different village in the area each day of the week to screen a movie. The field agent may also directly educate the villagers about products and best practices (hygiene, financial literacy), as well as offer product samples. The field agent can also collect data from the villagers (What are the demographics?