Hollywood-style Sting Nabs Alleged Pirate Kingpin

18). Benedict Cumberbatch plays Julian Assange, the real-life founder of underground watchdog site Wikileaks. TRAILERS: Coming soon to theaters “The academy loves” true-life stories, says Tom O’Neil, editor of awards site Goldderby.com. “They usually have a socially conscious message and the ‘warm and fuzzies’ that voters like to feel after the movie.” As for feeling smarter? Not so much. The industry hasn’t exactly aced its history lessons of late. Last year’s dominant Oscar contenders, Argo, Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty, all centered on true stories and all were hammered for their veracity (though Argo marched unimpeded to a best-picture win). Tom Hanks, who plays the real Capt. Richard Phillips, understands the lure of fact-based stories and the pitfalls of telling them. “These stories answer what humans can do in certain situations,” he says. “But it still has to fit within a cohesive story, which may mean deciding what part you want to get right.” What’s right is another matter, even in non-fiction films. Several members of the Maersk Alabama, the hijacked vessel, are suing the shipping company, alleging Phillips ignored radio warnings of potential piracy. In a court deposition, Phillips countered that the ship would be attacked regardless of any warnings. The case is scheduled for trial in December. Hanks, who also played astronaut Jim Lovell in 1995’s Apollo 13, says Hollywood usually takes its lumps over accuracy because of ulterior motives, such as awards and sequels.

(Photo: Belgian Government) Mohamed Abdi Hassan was charged with hijacking a Belgian ship He was baited with a promise of a movie about piracy Prosecutor: Hassan is one of the most ‘important and infamous’ pirates SHARE 44 CONNECT 28 TWEET 2 COMMENTEMAILMORE BRUSSELS (AP) The alleged pirate kingpin thought he was going work in the movies. Instead he landed in jail. In a sting operation worthy of Hollywood, Mohamed Abdi Hassan was lured from Somalia to Belgium with promises of work on a documentary about high-seas crime that would “mirror his life as a pirate,” federal prosecutor Johan Delmulle said Monday. But rather than being behind the camera as an expert adviser, Abdi Hassan ended up behind bars, nabbed as he landed Saturday at Brussels airport. “(He’s) one of the most important and infamous kingpin pirate leaders, responsible for the hijacking of dozens of commercial vessels from 2008 to 2013,” Delmulle said. Abdi Hassan whose nickname, Afweyne, means “Big Mouth” was charged with hijacking the Belgian dredger Pompei and kidnapping its nine-member crew in 2009, Delmulle said. The Pompei’s crew was released after 10 weeks in captivity when the ship’s owner paid a reported $3 million ransom. Belgium caught two pirates involved in the hijacking, convicted them and sentenced them to nine and 10 years in prison. But prosecutors still wanted the ringleaders. “Too often, these people remain beyond reach while they let others do the dirty work,” Delmulle told reporters. Malaysian authorities almost captured the reclusive Adbi Hassan in April 2012, but a document from the Somali transitional government let him slip back home, according to a U.N. report last year that called him “one of the most notorious and influential” leaders of a piracy ring that has netted millions in ransom.

Are Hollywood’s Artificial Release Delays Driving Piracy?


A better analogy would be people insisting alcohol be free of incumbrance, and no longer in control of taxation and the liquor authorities. We all see how that worked out. ehrgh Global digital piracy, even after 15 years or more and multiple elections remains a minority in every country in the world. Piracy, demonstrably is about diminishing industry, documentable lost jobs and halved sales with taxes spiraling downward. Those two things do not go together. But thats nothing new with you, the claim that piracy is tiny at the same time as it supposedly has devastating consequences. Not to mention the second statement is false. The MPAA reports record box office profits almost every year, for example. Make up your mind either piracy is tiny, or its destroying your industry. You cant have both. Anon Total straw man. Poor arguments. Even if piracy cost one job, one online theft, one lost sale, government has a constitutional responsibility to address all of that. And box office has absolutely nothing to do with piracy. You cant pirate a theatre experience. But piracy deeply damages movie dl and dvd sales and it is the sum total of all sales that drives the motion picture industry, not just box office. Try again.

Hollywood Agency Helps Farmiga, Michael Hall on Charity

Cole: Why did you point your agency toward charity? Rubinstein: I wanted to do something that had some impact, and I saw my friends and my colleagues that worked in entertainment who just got burned out. Everybody goes in with a lot of passion and inspiration. Five years later theyre making money, but theyre asking What am I doing? Cole: What shaped you? Rubinstein: Ive studied Buddhism for years and meditated, and I have a lot of interest in the world of spirituality and self-development, personal growth. I saw that I exist on the planet to make an impact. Even Tortillas One of my teachers said everybody loves something, even if its just tortillas, and he said everybodys heart is moved by something. Cole: How do you help a client make a decision? Rubinstein: Vera Farmiga directed, co-wrote and starred in Higher Ground, a movie about a womans search for religion or spirituality. She said she wanted to show this process with some love, not with the usual judgment, so she made a movie. Cole: What was your role?